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Profile of “McInnes Natural Fertilizers”

Our main sector of activity is horticulture which includes garden centers, landscapers and municipalities. We are also present in the agricultural sector. We are extremely committed to all our customers with an excellent service and prompt deliveries. It is very important for us to live up to our excellent reputation.

We use only high-quality ingredients. Our main ingredients are feed grade feather meal, natural rock phosphate, sulphate of potash and magnesia and basalt, that are all accepted in organic farming. There are no manure, no sewage sludge, no fillers in our products. Our fertilizers are fast acting and last all season long. They do not burn and are harmless to children and pets. However, you do have to read the recommendations on the product label.

Our trademarks help the buying customer visualize the products’ use and properties : Bio-Lawn TM, Bio-Rock TM, Bio-Garden TM, Bio-Flowers TM, Bio-Trees TM, Bio-Autumn TM, Bio-Cedars TM and Fossil Bone meal TM.

The “BIO-LAWN TRIO”, our “Once a year” fertilisation program, is the easiest on the market. It has been developed in the 1980's and is still very appreciated by our clients.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental and health concerns particularly with the government bans on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.