Bio-Lawn, 8-2-3

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100% natural fertilizer for lawn, trees and shrubs

Bio-Lawn 8-2-3 is a 100% natural, organic fertilizer for spring, summer and fall. It stimulates microbial life for a complete fertilization for lawns, trees, cedars, evergreens and shrubs. The 8-2-3 fertilizer is fast acting and gives a beautiful green lawn, lush and healthy all year long. Can by applied anywhere, even near lakes and rivers.

Does not burn. Harmless to children and pets.

Ingredients : Feather meal (feed grade), natural rock phosphate (Fossil Bone meal TM ) et sulphate of potash magnesia (sul-po-mag). Each granule contains these 3 high quality ingredients.



Available formats:

20 kg, granulated
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1000 kg, granulated
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The complete lawn care program

The EASIEST “Do it Yourself” Lawn Care Program on the market and the most ECOLOGICAL. FERTILIZATION LASTS ALL SEASON. Can by applied anywhere, even near lakes and rivers.

Spread the BIO-LAWN at a rate of 10 kg per 1000 sq.ft. and spread immediately after BIO-ROCK at a rate of 7 to 10 kg per 1000 sq.ft.