Fossil Bone meal, 0-13-0

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100% natural transplanting fertilizer for flowers, bulbs, trees and shrubs

Fossil Bone meal 0-13-0 is a 100% natural transplanter / root booster fertilizer high in phosphate and calcium (31%) that does not attract animals. This transplanter 0-13-0 can be used instead of bone meal and will not be dug up by animals. Recommended for use in spring, summer and fall. Fossil Bone is a source of phosphate necessary to soils life. It is insoluble so it does not affect lakes and rivers.

Use at a rate of 10 kg per 100 m2 (1000 sq.ft.). For a complete balanced fertilization in N-P-K, the Fossil Bone meal application should be followed by Bio-Garden 4-3-6 or Bio-Flowers 4-3-7.

Does not burn. Harmless to children and pets.

Ingredient : Natural rock phosphate



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20 kg, powder
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20 kg, granulated
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1000 kg, powder
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1000 kg, granulated
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