Corn Gluten meal, 10-0-0

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100% natural fertilizer for lawns and flowerbeds

Pure Corn Gluten meal is an early spring and late summer (September)100% natural fertilizer for lawns and flowerbeds. Ideally, the application should be done in early spring BEFORE daffodils bloom when soil starts to warm up and the snow cover has disappeared. Even though this 10-0-0 fertilizer is in fine granules, it can be applied with a rotary spreader.

Use at a rate of 10 kg per 100 m2 (1000 sq.ft.). For a complete balanced fertilization in N-P-K, the corn gluten meal application should be followed by Bio-Garden 4-3-6 or Bio-Flowers 4-3-7.

Does not burn. Harmless to children and pets.

IMPORTANT: Avoid using on a newly seeded lawn or on an area to be seeded. Wait 30 days after applying the corn gluten meal to seed.

Ingredient : Feed quality pure Corn Gluten meal (high protein content : 60%)



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18 kg, granulated
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