Bio-Rock, basalt

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100% natural mineral soil amendment for lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, trees and compost

BIO-ROCK is a volcanic rock dust called basalt that remineralizes the soil and works in synergy with Bio-Lawn. This basalt amendment improves soil quality particularly Ain sandy soil and makes the lawn greener, more resistant to yellowing, droughts and trampling due to silica. BIO-ROCK is also recommended for use in gardens, transplanting and composting. Recommended for use in spring, summer and fall.

Does not burn. Harmless to children and pets.

Ingredient : basalt rock powder finely ground and then granulated



Available formats :

20 kg, powder
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20 kg, granulated
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1000 kg, powder
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1000 kg, granulated
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The complete lawn care program

The EASIEST “Do it Yourself” Lawn Care Program on the market and the most ECOLOGICAL. FERTILIZATION LASTS ALL SEASON. Can by applied anywhere, even near lakes and rivers.

Spread the BIO-LAWN at a rate of 10 kg per 1000 sq.ft. and spread immediately after BIO-ROCK at a rate of 7 to 10 kg per 1000 sq.ft.